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Will QClip play any Quicktime movie? Yes. However, when you are playing clips out through video hardware it best to use Quicktime movies that contain the codec for the hardware device you are playing out of.

What are the system requirements to use this product?
Platform: Mac OS PowerPC or Intel 10.2 or higher.
Hardware: G4 works without playlists, G5 or Intel preferred.
Video Hardware: Firewire video converter, AJA video card, DeckLink video card, or any other QuickTime compatible video hardware.
Disk space: 20 MB
Memory: 512MB (1GB suggested)

Can I download a demo of QClip? Yes, simply visit our downloads page and follow the link for QClip.

What are the limitations of the demo version? The demo is fully functional, however the software will not connect to any hardware device until the software has been registered.

What video cards does QClip support? We have not been able to test QClip with every single video card on the market. The software is written to support Quicktime compatible video cards. We can not guarantee that every video card will work, but will work to increase compatibility where needed.