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Title Builder

Title Builder is a powerful tool that allows graphic designers the ability to create hundreds of titles, lower thirds, slates, etc.. in a matter of minutes! This unique tool is a database of text information that automatically gets passed to your text layers in Photoshop. Individual files are automatically saved out of Photoshop based on the information passed to it from Title Builder. If you have ever wanted to save multiple graphic files from multiple layers in your Photoshop template, then this feature will solve your problems plus provide you with more options and control.
Features & Benefits:
  • Save hours of repetitive text input and saving in Photoshop!
  • Set text information in up to 5 different Photoshop text layers.
  • Save your lists to easily create images with the same information from a variety of different Photoshop templates.
  • Reduce the number of layers in your Photoshop file. Because Title Builder sets different text information to the same text layers, you only need 1 layer for every graphic element.
  • Automatic conversion of all non-square pixel video formats.
  • Automatic alpha channel creation for each individual graphic.
  • Separate alpha channel files can be created for each graphic generated.
  • Image can be named via the first column in Title Builder or by sequence naming.
  • Full support for NTSC D1, DV, PAL, HDTV, and anamorphic video formats.