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Screen Shots

Main Window: This window contains functions that create new images with automatic safe grids, manage alpha channels, and save your final images for output including Title Builderâ„¢.
Extras Window: This window contains functions that convert and process photos, video stills, and any other art work for video. It also contains video specific filters, Frame Grabberâ„¢ and Photo-Video.
Prefs Window: This window contains all of the preferences that can be set related to the functions performed by the software.
Info Window: This window lists all of the keyboard shortcuts that the software adds to Adobe® Photoshop®.
Save Window: This window is the custom save dialog that comes with Tools for Television PRO. The settings and options available here are video specific and allow for quick and easy saves. The save dialog window allows you to save files locally or directly to FTP servers.
Mini Window: This is a mini window that contains a few essential tools within the application. This is designed to take up less screen space when using the tool.